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Realize In-Memory Computation with esProc on Hadoop

The low efficiency of Hadoop computation is an undeniable truth. We believe, one of the major reasons is that the underlying computational structure of MapReduce for Hadoop is basically of the external memory computation. The external memory computation implements the … Continue reading

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Grouping Function Comparison R Language vs. esProc

Grouping is to allocate the samples into several groups according to a specific flag. There is a difference between groups and the relative commonness shared by group members. The grouping plays an important role in statistical analysis. For example, the … Continue reading

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Implement Column Storage with esProc on Hadoop

The column storage is good, especially when there are lots of tabular fields (this is quite common). In querying, the data to traverse is far less than that on the row storage. Less data to traverse brings less I/O workloads … Continue reading

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Parallelism of esProc enhances Oracle Data Import Speed

Recently, we skillfully handled an industry project to import a great amount of data from file to Oracle in comparatively short time. At the beginning, we tried to import the data with the sqlldr of Oracle, only to find it … Continue reading

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esProc Implements Report with File as Data Resource

In the real business, quite a few report data is from file instead of database. Take the below case for example: To compute over the attendance data files for preparing the salary payable report, the log file for preparing the … Continue reading

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ETL process usually includes lot of business logics, which is beyond the reach of visual ETL tools. Most of times they need to be implemented through hard coding. For example, from the production database of a store, we need to … Continue reading

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Loop Code for esProc

With esProc, the code for loop is mainly implemented with for statement. The for statement will repeat the code block with for as the main cell. There are different formats of the for statements, as listed below: 1.The for loop … Continue reading

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