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How to Use esProc to Assist Reporting Tools

Both SQL and Birt scripts can handle the group operation. In SQL, usually we can only group a table automatically according to its own filed(s). When the grouping criterion comes from another table, or is an external parameter or a conditional … Continue reading

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A Standard Method of Doing Inter-row Calculations in Report Creation

Not all reporting tools support inter-row calculations directly. When they don’t you should write scripts to perform them, which is a big hassle, even bigger when multilayer data grouping is involved. esProc can do the calculations with simple code thanks … Continue reading

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Report Building Challenges: In-depth Processing of JSON Data

For processing semi-structured JSON data, both Java and the reporting tools provide class libraries that are only capable of simple parsing jobs, giving you no choice but to write complicated code when trying to process the data in-depthly. However, using … Continue reading

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Performing Group Operations on Text-based Tabular Data in JAVA

The group operations performed on tabular data generated from text files include algorithms like grouping and aggregation, obtaining distinct values, group merging and so on, which can be realized using basic JAVA class libraries. But JAVA provides only limited support … Continue reading

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esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations – Dynamically Transposing Rows and Columns

In real-world business, many computing tasks require transposing rows and columns dynamically. There are a lot of discussions around the operation in online IT groups and forums. Below lists some of them: SQL implements row-to-column transposition … Continue reading

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How esProc Assists Writing SQL Queries

esProc can simplify complex SQL-style queries using ordered sets, object-style access and stepwise computation. Usually there are two ways in which esProc is used: an independent one and one requiring integration with Java. Now let’s look at the first one … Continue reading

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How esProc Assists Java to Retrieve Text Files

Java provides functions for handling the basic file processing, which refers to the retrieval of small text files, in a simple, unstructured way. But in handling files requiring structured format, holding data of various formats and having particular requirements, or … Continue reading

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