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esProc Performs Dynamic Cross-database MERGE Operation

The MERGE statement provided by databases like MSSQL and ORACLE is very convenient for updating tables. But it is not as convenient as it is expected to be when the source table and target table exist in different databases. In … Continue reading

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esProc Simplifies Order-related SQL-style Computations: Examples

It is difficult for SQL to handle order-related computations, for it does not support ordered sets. But as these computations are very common in real-world business, there are a lot of online discussions related to them. For example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29750567/count-several-rows-as-one-if-the-next-row-also-are-less-then-a-value https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Hello-All-can-anyone-help-86080.S.5904859230397018116?trk=groups_items_see_more-0-b-ttlContinue reading

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Implement Column Storage with esProc on Hadoop

The column storage is good, especially when there are lots of tabular fields (this is quite common). In querying, the data to traverse is far less than that on the row storage. Less data to traverse brings less I/O workloads … Continue reading

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