esProc Joins a Structured Text file with a JSON File

structure.txt is a tab-separated structured text file. json.txt contains non-structured JSON strings. We need to join the two files to create a new file result.txt. The original data is as follows.







esProc will first import json.txt as a structured table sequence and then join it with structure.txt. The code is as follows:


A1: Import the JSON file into the memory as a table sequence.
A2: Retrieve name column and cluster column from it. #1 represents the first column. Result is as follows:


A3: Split cluster column into two parts, name them key and value respectively and thus generate a structured data object. Result is as follows:


A4: Import the structured text file.

A5: Perform join operation. _2 represents A4’s second column. Result is as follows:



A6,B7: Retrieve desired columns and export them to result.txt.


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