Reference:7.Locate and Filter the Record in TSeq

When analyzing the data in the TSeq, you will usually need to search for the records satisfying the conditions according to the requirements. In esProc, if there is a value in a cell, then the value of this cell can be referenced with the cell name.


In esProc, you can either directly select the record from the TSeq according to its position, or compute the position of records satisfying the conditions with the pselect() function, or specify the position of the max or min record as a result of a specified expression with the pmax(), pmin(), and other functions. 


In the TSeq, you can use select() function to filter the data and pick out the record satisfying the specified conditions. After filtering, an RSeq composed of the corresponding records will be returned.

In esProc, to generate a new TSeq, you can choose the desired column to compute based on the data from TSeq or RSeq.

With the new() function, you can select the necessary information from TSeq or RSeq to form a new TSeq.


Of A2 and A3 the results are as follows:


In esProc, you can choose to add the computed column directly to the TSeq. The value in the computed column can be computed based on the data from other columns of TSeq. With derive() function, the computed column can be added for the TSeq. 


After using derive() function to add the computed column, the existing TSeq is changed. As you can see in A1, the TSeqhas been changed:



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