Reference:4. Use Sequence to Compute

In esProc, not only the ISeq is a sequence, but also the TSeq and RSeq are all sequence. The sequence computation is the basic computation of esProc.

As a type of set, sequence can be used for common operations with the |, \, ^, &, and other operators. You can compute the concatenate, subtraction, intersection, and union of two sequences:


The member in a sequence is ordered. We can not only get or set the value of a specified member according to the member location, but also get the location of specified members:


The sequence composed of the members of another sequence is called the Subset of the latter sequence, which is similar to the definition of this Subset. In esProc, you can take the ISeq as the location-indicating serial number to generate a subsequence of this sequence.


In the sequence, you can perform various converge operations:



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