What is the best programming language for manipulating time series data in a CSV file with headers?

This is a question from Quora. The author wanted to konw the best programming language for manipulating time series data in a CSV file with headers in php, python, ruby, or other?

which is the best?

In my opinion,the application scenarios for these languages vary with each other.

PHP and Ruby are used for WEB development, not suitable for data process independently. If the application program itself is developed in PHP or in Ruby, you had better to use the same language to complete this data process task.

Because other language will cause trouble in integration, it does not help even if the data process is facilitated.

An independent data process can be programmed in Python, even more to enable it for CSV process.

But the structured data object for corresponding csv file is not available in Python (of course, neither  PHP nor Ruby, it will be more complicated), the subsequent operations will be far more complex.

Like Python, Perl also presents similarly in this regard.

If you only deal with the csv file, esProc  is a better choice for simplifying csv operation with its powerful structured data objects.


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