Installing an Oracle Database on Oracle Linux

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You can use an Oracle VM template to get a running Oracle clustered database in less than 10 mn (excluding VM images download time). But sometimes, it is useful to have our own custom DB instance for testing purpose. Here are the steps in use to setup quickly a simple Oracle database instance on your Oracle Linux 5.9 aka Tikanga release.

Once you setup correctly your internet connection, apply the following command to prepare the database per-requisite:
* As a root user, apply the following commands:

* if the file public-yum-el5.repo do not exist, then issue the following command to download a YUM repository configuration:

* vi public-yum-el5.repo , and comment the section related to your Oracle OS System, in my case enable ol5_u9 and disabled the latest version

* Prepare your OS to receive the Oracle database installation. The last command will create the dba group and appropriate oracle…

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